KlauserConsulting- we connect the pieces
KlauserConsulting-we connect the  pieces

KlauserConsulting officially began in late 2012. Over 30 years of experience in physical therapy, church ministry, and education showed me that professionals often need more help than they receive. 


One important concept we parctice is called train the trainer. Every member of an organization needs the skills and understanding to do her/his work, in order to accomplish their own, and their organization's goals. You receive continous professional education, but Your personal, emotional and mental improvement is forgotten. KlauserConsulting strenghtens You in body, mind, and spirit, so You in turn can strengthen others.


Each one teach one is an African proverb we live by. Every day we meet people, and each interaction leave a tiny trace within us - and in those we meet. These engagements with others are chances for growth.We teach you to be sensitive to those daily learning experiences.


KlauserConsulting strengthens Your conscious effort to become a positive influence on others, an to learn how to set appropriate boundaries for Yourself. 



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