KlauserConsulting- we connect the pieces
KlauserConsulting-we connect the  pieces

Healthcare Ethics consultations targets interested individuals who are leaders in their work or community. You are often  asked those healthcare questions that no one helped you investigate. Places of worship seem to neglect healthcare preparation in lieu of God-talk.Their members arrive at the hospital unprepared to deal with questions about their health and illness. 


Our ethics consultations and teaching improves the preparedness when faced with a healthcare crisis. In individual or group consultations, we help You to understand the workings of a hospital, the decision-making processes that can hit you, and we teach you some basic ethic theories and principle that will help You make good decisions for yourself. 



Any person interested in their own healthcare decisions

Patients and their family and/or friends

Healthcare staff in Hospital, senior homes, pallitative care or hospice

Clergy and leaders in community groups



Weekend seminars

Evening presentations



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