KlauserConsulting- we connect the pieces
KlauserConsulting-we connect the  pieces

KlauserConsulting  works in three areas of consultation:clincial ethics consultations, grief and bereavement consultations, and burn-out prevention through supervision. Our target audiences are healthcare employees, clergy, and leaders of community groups and non-profit organisations.  


Ethics consultations includes all the topic You encounter during a visit with your physician. Especially at the time of a healthcare crisis, a myriad of decisions await You: do You have a healthcare directive, and who are Your agents; what kinds of emergency interventions do You want; do You want to be an organ donor, or receive an organ; is the whithrawal life support ever ok with You? These, and many other questions are discussed in a ethics consultation.  

Ethics consultations usual happen with individual patients and their families, but we also consult with larger groups such as Your church, Your community group, or Your sunday school classes. Even though we give input and lead Your discussions, any and all healthcare decisions are Your decisions. 


Grief and bereavement consultations focus on loss and grief. Loss happens daily, and we feel grief over even the smallest things that do not go our way. We will certrainly address grief after death, sudden or anticipated as death. In this seminar, we offer insight as to why grief is sometimes complicated and how those little nagging losses can amount to quite a significant feeling of grief.  


KlauserConsulting also teaches burn-out prevention through supervision. This is a time when You can talk about issues  that concern You, be that work related, problems at home, at church, or wherever situations of life grind You down. Burn-out prevention in supervision is Your personal time-out after a stressful day. Here You learn to listen to Yourself and find new ways of being You.


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