KlauserConsulting- we connect the pieces
KlauserConsulting-we connect the  pieces

KlauserConsulting  specializes in clincial ethics consultations, grief and bereavement consultations, and burn-out prevention through supervision


Target audience:  healthcare employees, clergy, and leaders of community groups and non-profit organisations


Ethics consultations include ethical questions around health realated questions and are offered on-site with all the stakeholders such as physicians, nurses, patients and their surrgate decisionmakers present. We moderate the discussion and provide minutes of the meeting


Grief and bereavement consultations focus on loss and grief. Loss happens daily, and we feel grief over even the smallest things that do not go our way. We will certrainly address grief after death, sudden or anticipated as death. In this seminar, we offer insight as to why grief is sometimes complicated and how those little nagging losses can amount to quite a significant feeling of grief


KlauserConsulting also teaches selfcare through supervision. This is a time when You can talk about issues  that concern You such as work related, problems at home, at church, or however life grinds you down  Selfcare in supervision is Your personal time-out after a stressful day where You learn to listen to Yourself and find new ways of being You


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